At the Semnar Law Firm we stand by our clients as they proceed through the litigation process. We are committed to offering our clients with excellent personal and strategic legal advice. Our litigation strategy is always tailored to the specific needs of our clients, while taking into account the amount in controversy and the financial ability of our clients. Once we determine that litigation is the appropriate avenue, we provide our clients with an aggressive yet tactful strategy to achieve the best results.


Sample Civil Litigation Topics:

Material Misrepresentation

Deliberate false representation or falsification of a material fact which, if known to the other party, could have aborted, or significantly altered the basis of, a contract, deal, or transaction.

Breach of Contract

To recover damages for breach of contract, a Plaintiff must prove all of the following:

  1. That the Plaintiff and the Defendant entered into a contract;
  2. That the Plaintiff did all, or substantially all, of the significant things that the contract required [him/her/it] to do [or that [he/she/it] was excused from doing those things];
  3. That all conditions required by the contract for the Defendant’s performance [had occurred/ [or] were excused];]
  4. That the Defendant failed to do something that the contract required [him/her/it] to do; and] [or]

    That the Defendant did something that the contract prohibited [him/her/it] from doing; and]

  5. That the Plaintiff was harmed by that failure.
Partnership Dissolution

A partnership can be dissolved in many ways. One way is through a partnership dissolution agreement whereby all the partners agree to terminate their respective commitments. The partnership is required to also file a statement of dissolution with the appropriate government agency as well give notice to the Internal Revenue Service of the dissolution. Although not required, it is good practice to also give actual written notice of the dissolution to its suppliers, customers, and clients.

Unfair Business Practice

There are many legal theories whereby a cause of action for Unfair Business Practices may be proven. It generally encompasses fraud, misrepresentation, and oppressive or unconscionable acts or practices by an individual or a business. For example, California Civil Code Section 1760 provides for a liberal construction to promote its underlying purposes, which are to protect consumers against unfair and deceptive business practices and to provide efficient and economical procedures to secure such protection. Thereafter, the code provides for approximately 25 different ways whereby liability for unfair or deception conduct can be found. Moreover, the federal law provides its own specific definitions and elements whereby unfair or deception conduct is defined.

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Because at your first meeting, you want to meet with the attorney that is going to represent you. Thereafter, you want to keep in touch with your attorney, not a paralegal or a law clerk. Moreover, you deserve to have an attorney who cares, is competent, is aggressive and has the experience and willingness to take your case to trial. Give us a chance and see for yourself.

What People Say About Bob

I used semnar law firm few times for my mother she was pulled in to deposition as a witness and we had Mr. Semnar help her since she did not know about her legal rights.  Man what an experience Mr. Semnar handle the case and the other attorney so well that i was impressed so much that i had referred him and  his firm to all my clients I am pleased to announce him as a great honest inelegant and hard working attorney he is a man with great listening ability which helps him to catch detail information which it could be very voluble to any case i do recommend Mr. Semnar to All.

Posted by Kamyar J.

This lawfirm is great. Even though I am a lawyer myself, I had a family member who had issues with debt harassment and Mr. Semnar and his staff took great care of her. They got the debt eliminated and got her some money in her pocket.

I will keep recommending this lawfirm to all my friends and family.

Posted By Daryoosh K.


I first found Jared at a pretty low time in my life and I wasn't even certain I was in the market for a lawyer. A couple minutes into my first phone conversation with him and Bob Semnar, I knew I found the right team. I felt like I was talking with family. They never sugar-coated anything, but I never felt scared or worried because I had so much...

Posted by anonymous
November 12, 2014

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